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Daily Agenda Process Assignments

Page history last edited by Susana Huerta 8 years, 11 months ago

Day 19: Monday, March 23, 2015


1. Good news about symposium

2. Peer Response

3. MLA Review and Application



- Revise your essay

- Submit all work to me not later than Friday, March 27, 2015 by 11:59pm

  • Table of Contents of all that is due


Day 18: Wednesday, March 18, 2015



  1. Introduction to Concession
    1. Practice exercise
  2. Stakeholders in the Zero Tolerance argument
    1. Who would disagree with your ideas? 
  3. Outline workshop: 
    1. Reverse Outline: Pair share and report out ideas: download here
    2. Identify concession possibilities
  4. Outline revision: 
    1. Where will you add a concession? Why? 




- Read and annotate TSIS Chapter 6: Planting a Naysayer in your Text- this chapter will help you better understand concession and will also provide you with additional templates to help you write your concession. 

- Complete the concession exercise (handout): You must type these up as you will be submitting them online

- Complete your rough draft: you must have 4 pages

- Bring 2 copies


Day 17: Monday, March 16, 2015



  1. Homework check in: 
    1. Share out your findings with your group/partner
    2. Whole-class share out: what did you learn? What surprised you?
  2. Class Synthesis Notes:
    1. Example: Arresting Development
    2. Group Work: Synthesis Notes (link to the class document here)
  3. Review and Share out Group Notes
  4. Outlining the Essay


- Complete Essay 3 Outline: download here

- Print it up and bring it with you to class on Wednesday



Day 16: Monday, March 9, 2015



  1. Essay 2 Reflection
    1. How do you feel about this essay as compared to the first essay? Explain. 
    2. What was the greatest struggle you had during this essay writing process? 
    3. What was the most helpful/useful part of the process? Explain and be specific. 
    4. What specific elements of the essay did you try to focus on in your revision? Why did you choose to focus on that? 
    5. Based upon the rubric, what would you say is your greatest strength in this essay?
    6. What did you learn about your own education journey and/or perspective on education from this unit? Explain. 
  2. Free-write: Group Exercise: 1. How and why do students get disciplines in different classes, according to Anyon’s text? 2. What would Steele say in response to your group’s discipline discussion?
  3. Essay 3 Prompt and Text Previews 
  4. Class Reading: "Justice: Love Lessons"



- Complete Reading Journal 10 for bell hooks

- Read and annotate Writing Prompt

- Type up and add to your Essay 2 Reflection: Post to your portfolio blog

- Post Essay 2 to your portfolio blog


Day 15: Wednesday, March 4, 2015



  1. Table of Contents for Essay 2
  2. Peer Response Session 2
  3. MLA Lesson: 
    1. Mini-Lecture Presentation
    2. Application 



- Read over peer response comments and comments on your first essay: essay is due at 10am on Monday-- you must email it to me as an attachment titled: LastName.Essay2.doc or docx

- Revise your essay based upon comments

- Complete any and all activities related to your role in the Student Voices symposium


Note: Use your books They Say I Say and Little Seagull Handbook to help you with quote integration and MLA



Day 14: Monday, March 2, 2015



  1. Announcement: Essay back on Wednesday
  2. Writing Groups:
    1. Discuss Messy Draft questions
    2. Share out outlines
    3. Select sample outline from group 
  3. Class Discussion of Possible Outline choices
  4. Break
  5. Peer Response Workshop 1: Messy Draft Response
  6. What did you Learn? Whole class share out
  7. Make a Revision Plan



- Read over comments from today's Peer Response Workshop session

- Follow your Revision Plan and revise your essay!

- Bring TWO copies of your Essay Draft- (at least 4 pages long) on Wednesday

- Bring your Little Seagull Handbook to class


Day 12: Monday, February 23, 2015



  1. Check In- UCSC Field Trip Follow Up :)  
  2. Quick group check-in for Steele presentations
  3. Group Presentations and Class Discussion
  4. Whole Class Debrief
  5. Break
  6. Discussion of Anyon
  7. Introduce Essay Prompt 2



- Read and annotate Essay Prompt 2

- Complete Jean Anyon Argument Organizer (as assigned to your group)

- Complete part III of Reading Journal 8: download it here

- Read and annotate the poem, "Para Teresa" in your Course Reader : be prepared to discuss the poem on Wednesday


Day 11: Wednesday, February 18, 2015



  1. Meet with English 242B pathway cohort with Ms. Fernandez
    1. Focus on discussing portfolio audience
    2. Discuss plans for symposium
  2. Meet with your groups from  12:45-2:20 to complete Part I of Reading Journal 8:
    1. You may meet anywhere on or off campus, but I ask that you please meet during this time so that you can take advantage of this time to prepare for your presentations on Monday.



- Reading Journal 8- Part I 


Day 10: Wednesday, February 11, 2015



  1. Midterm exam
    1. Please email me the exam as an attachment: lastname.midterm.doc


Homework: All assignments due Wednesday, February 18- we have no class on Monday. 

  • Pre-view Reading Journal 7: Make a plan to complete it thoughtfully by next Wednesday 
  • Carefully read and annotate:
    • "Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work" by Jean Anyon (Course Reader pp. 77-86)
    • "Thin Ice: Stereotype Thread and Black College Students" by Claude Steele (handout)- the one in the course reader is incomplete for some reason
  • Complete Reading Journal 7: download it here
    • For Part III of the reading journal, I would like you to focus on the section you are assigned. Here are the section/group assignments: 
      • Team 1: Section- "Measuring Stereotype Threat": Yuri, Brenda, Edgar, Lucy
      • Team 2: Section- " Stereotype Threat Versus Self-Fulfilling Prophecy" : Tanya, Alex, Estela, Kaycie
      • Team 3: Section- "Why Strong Students Are Stereotype-Threatened": Sarah, Jenni V., Mario, Hassell
      • Team 4: Section- "How to Reduce Stereotype Threat": Angie, Rosa, Jesus
      • Team 5: Section- " Reassessing the Test Score Gap": Kerri, Aylin, Arturo, Jenny Torres


Homework for English 242B:

- Complete your TWO REFLECTIONS and post to your Reflection Page: download instructions here

- Edit and ReOrganize your Blogs using the Peer Portfolio Rubric: download it here

- Review and Peer Edit: Peer Respond to one another's blogs by no later Tuesday, February 17 at 11:59PM. - SEND EACH OTHER YOUR PEER RESPONSE BY THE NEXT CLASS PERIOD



Day 9: Monday, February 9, 2015



  1. Announcement: Congratulations to our students who will be going to the conference~
  2. Cocktail Discussion: Share strong lines and discuss them with your colleagues
    1. Three people
    2. Free-write
    3. Class discussion
  3. Introduce Midterm Writing Prompt
  4. Understanding the text: Problem-Solution Organizational Pattern
    1. Heilbroner
    2. Example Problem Solution Analysis
  5. Group Work: Annotate Heilbroner's argument to summarize how he:
    • Problems discussed in Heilbroner’s text: How does he demonstrate the problem? Definitions? Consequences?

    • Causes producing the problem: What causes does Heilbroner identify

    • Solutions to the problems: What solutions does Heilbroner propose?

  6. Where do you Stand? Developing your thesis

    1. Discussion

    2. Free-write



  • Review and annotate Midterm Essay Prompt: download here

  • Read They Say/I Say: Chapter 4: Three Ways to Respond- annotate it

  • Review class notes: group notes, and Thesis Freewrite

  • Complete Midterm Topic outline: download here

  • Note: If you do not have an outline, you will have an automatic 5 points knocked off your grade. Outline must be typed. It cannot exceed 1 page.



Day 8: Wednesday, February 4, 2015



  1. Review NPAs
  2. Midterm Induction
    1. Reading Journal #6
  3. Class Discussion and Notes



- Complete Reading Journal #6 (due Monday, February 9, 2015): download here

- Complete  English 242B Homework: (due Wednesday, February 11, 2015)

  • Essay 1 Reflection: download here
  • Portfolio Midterm Rubric Reflection  


Day 7: Monday, February 2, 2015



  1. Peer Response Workshop
  2. Break
  3. Sentence Craft Workshop: Noun Phrase Appositives
    1. Review Phrases, Clauses, and Sentences
    2. Noun Phrase Appositives Exercises



  • Complete Noun Phrase Appositives worksheet: download it here

  • Review Peer Response Feedback

  • Revise Essay

    • Annotate your own essay to show how you are going to improve your draft:

      • What will you add? Where? What will you take out?

    • Send essay to me as a word document attachment (not a PDF)

      • LastName.FirstName.Essay1.doc or docx

        • Underline your thesis

        • Highlight at least 3 sentences that use Noun Phrase Appositives

  • Submit the following with the Essay Table of contents:

    • Writing Prompt

    • Introduction Exercise

    • Copy of annotated essay (from Peer Response Workshop 1)

    • Printed copies of your peers' comments (just one needed)

    • Essay 2 Detailed Outline

    • NPA Worksheet


Day 4: Wednesday, January 21, 2015



  1. Announcements and Selma
    1. Office Hours Sign Up Sheet
    2. Essay 2 Returned next Wednesday for English 242B revision assignment 
  2. Reading Journal #3:
    1. Small Group Share out Brown vs Board
    2. Whole Class Discussion
    3. Consequences of "forced" desegregation: Little Rock
  3. Discussion of Blanco and Valencia
    1. Small group share out of Westminster vs. Mendez 
    2. Whole Class Discussion
    3. Discussion of Critical thinking questions:
      1. In what ways did the Mendez vs. Westminster case influence the arguments heard in the Brown vs. Board Education case?
      2. Why do you think Valencia and Blanco want to make the historical connection between these two cases? In other words, why do these authors thing it is important for people to understand the historical link between the Westminster case and then later the Brown vs. Board case?
  4. Introduce Essay Prompt


Homework: Due Monday


Day 3: Wednesday, January 14, 2015



  1. Quick preparation and questions about the timed-write exam
  2. Timed-Write Exam 1
  3. Break
  4. Review Course Syllabus and expectations for the quarter
  5. Introduce homework due next Wednesday



  • Read and annotate:
    • Maria Blanco's "Before Brown, There was Mendez"
    • Richard Valencia's "The Mexican American Struggle for Equal Educational Opportunity in Mendez v. Wesminster: Hleping to Pave the Way for Brown Vs. Board of Education"
  • Complete Reading Journal #3
  • Complete Sentence Craft Assignment 1:  Identifying: Verbs, Subjects, Clauses, Phrases
    • Read carefully and complete all the exercises to discuss next week 


Day 2: Monday, January 12, 2014



  1. Announcement:
    1. Extra Credit opportunity: Meet me at Redwood City Century 20 Theaters at 10:00am to watch the first show of Selma on MLK day next Monday. Type a 1 page reflection that does the following: 1) Summarizes the parts of the film that most made an impact on you; 2) Answers any of the questions from your timed-write exam; 3) (optional) Connects to any of the texts we've read this quarter or last quarter. Post your reflection to your English 242B blog/website by Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2015
  2. Syllabus Review: we will review syllabus in detail on Wednesday: take quick questions and pass out schedule
  3. Mini-Lesson: Timed Writing
  4. Exam Prep: Review In-Class Essay Exam 1 Expectations
  5. Small Group Exercise: Paragraph development and Reading Journal #2 Discussion
  6. Paragraph Share-Out:
    1. Type your group's paragraph(s) on this class document: Essay Exam Group Practice- Paragraph Development


- Bring exam materials: main idea statements typed out; notes; reading journals

- Prepare for exam

- Organize your binder and calendar for the quarter


English 242B:

- Complete your Portfolio Assignment 1: Selfie Project


Day 21:  Monday, December 8, 2014



  1. Review Final Essay expectations: Table of Contents
    1. Email essay
  2. Prepare for peer response: 
    1. Underline your thesis
    2. Number your paragraphs
    3. Star next to your strongest paragraph
  3. Introduce final for English 242A



  • Review peer response comments and revise essay
  • Email final draft and organize essay folder
  • Complete your English 242A Reflection 6: be prepared to share out ideas 
  • Organize binder and bring work with you on Wednesday
  • Pot luck: bring something to share with the class on Wednesday


Day 20: Wednesday, December 3, 2014



  1. Return outline and collect introductions
  2. Review Paragraph Development: Example Paragraph
    1. PIE
    2. Information: integrating information- context and content
    3. Signal phrases and documentation
  3.  Paragraph peer response: 
    1. Checklist
  4. Quote Integration: Lecture Notes
    1. Leading into and out of a quote
  5. Revise your own paragraph
  6. Draft body paragraphs
  7. Paragraph workshop in class



- Read and carefully annotate Chapter 3: The Art of Quoting TSIS

- Read and carefully annotate Developing Paragraphs: pp.14-22 (W3a-W3c) Little Seagull Handbook

- Complete your first draft: bring 2 copies (you must have three FULL pages for full credit)


Day 19: Monday, December 1, 2014



  1. Outline share out/discussion
  2. Drafting Your Introduction: Writing Journal 2



  1. Complete Writing Journal 2: Drafting your Introduction
    1. After completing the Writing Journal, type up your introduction: 
      1. Double space it
      2. Underline your thesis  ** I will collect this draft of your introduction and give you feedback on it by Monday
  2. Read and annotate Essay 2 Paragraph Development Handout: please be prepared to share out your ideas and questions about this paragraph example.
  3. Type up ONE body paragraph for your essay: double space and and bring a copy for yourself.
    1. ** I will collect his body paragraph and provide you with feedback by Monday


Day 18: Wednesday, November 26, 2014



  1. Extra Credit
  2. Free-Write Response: Brainstorming the path to liberation: What confines you? What limitations, either external or internal, do you find yourself trying to fight against or resist? What makes you feel free? When do you feel the most yourself? 
  3. Concept Analysis: 
    1. Anzaldua
      1. Share strong lines
      2. Identify a Concept
      3. Define Concept as a group
      4. Share out
    2. Timeline for Anzaldua
  4. Concept Analysis: 
    1. Douglass and Baca
  5. Group Presentations



- Complete Essay 2 Outline using concept analysis notes from today's class: download here

- Work on English 242 Reflection: Essay Analysis


Day 17: Monday, November 24, 2014



  1. Review Prompt
  2. Personal Timeline Share out And Brainstorm
    1. Freewrite Brainstorm Writing Journal
    2. Group Share out
    3. Class Discussion
  3. Review Douglass: Chapters 10, 11
  4. Discussion 
  5. Anzaldua  Discussion on Title
  6. Collect Journal 10



- Review prompt more thoroughly and write questions you might have

- Re-Read Baca, Anzaldua and your notes from today's class: be prepared to share out

- Download, read, and annotate the Essay Rubric: download here.

- Complete Writing Journal 3: if you did not finish in class


Day 16: Wednesday, November 19, 2014



  1. Group Presentations: Close Reading/ Passage Analysis
  2. Discussion of Chapter 10
  3. Discussion on Identity Rubric
  4. Writing Prompt for Essay 2



- Read and annotate Chapter 11 of Fredrick Douglass Narrative: select and highlight strong lines that help you answer the focus question from the Essay Prompt. Be prepared to share out and discuss those ideas on Monday.

- Read and annotate Gloria Anzaldua's "How to Tame a Wild Tongue" in your course reader

- Complete Reading Journal 10: download it here

  • Gloria Anzaldua Presentation- Biography (you need this to complete journal)


Day 15: Monday, November 17, 2014



  1. Rhetorical Analysis:
    1. Not what a text says, but rather, HOW a text says it
      1. Rhetorical Triangle
      2. Audience
      3. Analysis of Douglass
  2. Close Reading Analysis
    1. Class example
    2. Small group exercise
  3. Writing Prompt Preview
  4. Share out ideas for personal timeline



- Read Chapter 10 and annotate

- Complete Reading Journal #9: download it here

  • Here are the class notes from the example passage we analyzed together: download here

Finish your Personal Timeline Project



Day 14: Wednesday, November 12, 2014



  1. Research Group Share out: 
    1. Prepare KWL + Notes
    2.  Expert Group Share out
      1. Personal dictionary share out
      2. Research notes share out
      3. Group Notes:
        1. Top 5 Facts or Quotes to teach the class/Reasons for selecting this particular fact/quote
        2. 2 Critical Thinking Questions
    3. Jigsaw Group Share Out:
      1. Pairs- rotate two times to groups from other topics
      2. Fill out notes in the L column
    4. Expert Group Debrief: 
      1. What did you learn? 
      2. What questions did you gather? 
      3. Fill out notes in the + Column
    5. Class Discussion on Research: 
      1. Free-write:   What did you learn about slavery the institution and/or the time period that made the strongest impact on you? Information help you better understand or think about Douglass and his struggle towards freedom?
      • Discuss: what did you learn?

    6. Class Discussion on Frederick Douglass Narrative- Chapters 1-2
      1. Strong lines
      2. Vocabulary terms
    7. Collect Personal Dictionaries and KWL + Project




Day 13: Wednesday, November 4, 2014



  1. Announcement: No class on Monday to honor our veterans. However, you will have PLENTY of homework so be sure to schedule out your time in order to be prepared with all assignments on Wednesday. 
  2. Class discussion: Coming Into Language
    1. Cocktail Discussion: Quotes that move you
  3. Vocabulary Development Strategies:
    1. Vocabulary from Baca
    2. Examples of context clues
    3. Critical thinking questions
  4. Introduce Personal Dictionaries
  5. Word Part Analysis/Word Webs
    1. Oppression  Liberation 
  6. Personal Dictionary Presentations




- Complete Personal Dictionaries: 5 words total

  • 2 words from the texts we've read thus far (Freire, Dweck, and Ontiveros)
  • 1  words from Baca
  • 2 word from Douglass- Chapters 1, 2


- Complete KWL Reading Research Project: be prepared to teach the class your area of expertise: download here (This is a 242A homework assignment)


- Read and annotate Douglass Chapters 1, 2: highlight important ideas and strong lines for you and be prepared to share these on Wednesday


Day 12: Monday, November 3, 2014



  1. Honoring those who've come before
  2. Submit Essay 1: Reflection and Discussion
  3. Defining the "Academic Essay" 
  4. Break
  5. Inductive to Unit 3- Applying the Reading Process
    1. "Coming Into Language" by Jimmy Santiago Baca




Day 11: Wednesday, October 29, 2014



  1. Discuss Homework:
    1. Review Introductions and Thesis
    2. Review Conclusions
  2. Using the FOCUS QUESTION to write your thesis
  3. Prepare for Peer Response Session 1:
    1. Number your paragraphs
    2. Write a star next to what you think is your strongest paragraph
  4. Rubric/Peer Response Feedback Expectations
  5. Peer Response Session
  6. Return Interviews and Process work



- Complete your Peer Response Reflection 4: download it here (type it up) 

- Revise your essay based upon your response to the 242A Reflection 

- Organize your essay and all journals to submit on Monday: download the Table of Contents Here


Day 10: Wednesday, October 22, 2014


  1. English 1ST Pathway Confidence Level Survey
  2. Outline Group Share Out
    1. Share strongest 3 concepts
      1. Concept/Definition
      2. Why it matters
      3. Quote selected
    2. Explain logical organization of concepts
    3. Choose one outline to share with the class
  3. Whole Class Outline Workshop
  4. Introduction to PIE/TEA: Paragraph strucutre
  5. Class workshop for a paragraph
  6. Workshop and draft your own paragraphs



- Finish drafting essay:

  •      Write your draft: introduction, body and conclusion

- Complete Personal Dictionary: focus on 5 terms that relate to or help you better explain or understand the concepts you selected in your outline (total of 5 terms) 



Day 9: Monday, October 20, 2014




  1. Free-write: Describe an important educational moment that shaped the way you approach being a college student or influenced your decision to come/return to college and/or to join the Puente Program.
  2. Prompt Discussion: Timeline Review
  3. Discuss Prompt HW: Group Work (share out)
  4. BREAK
  5. Concept Synthesis: bringing it all together
    1. Introduce personal dictionary
      1. Select 4-5 concept associated with various authors
      2. Choose 2 concepts and create a group visual
      3. Present
  6. Group Share out
  7. Turn in Reading Journal 5
  8. Introduce Outline




Day 8: Wednesday, October 15, 2014



  1. In groups, share out your summary of the section you focused on with your group
  2. Create Presentation: 
    1. Make decisions with your group about the way you will visually represent your ideas
    2. Plan the presentation of your visualization: think about how you will explain all aspects of your visualization
  3. Break
  4. Class 
  5. Group Presentations
  6. Essay 1 Writing Prompt



  • Use the reading process (Reading Journal 5) to read over and analyze the Essay 1 Writing Prompt
  • Organize your binders! 


Day 7: Monday, October 13, 2014



  1. Visit to The Learning Center- please meet me in room 5911
  2. Reading Journal #3 Review:
    1. Pair-Share answer to Question 4: Rate your Understanding
    2. Graffiti walls: questions and important terms
  3. Personal Dictionary Homework
  4. Getting into the reading: Group Visualization Project



- Work on your personal dictionary: 4-5 word entries (typed)

  • 2-3 entries based upon your discussion of Freire
  • 2 entries from any of the toehr texts we've read

- Re-read your section of Freire and perpare for your group's discussion and presentation: be prepared to work on the visualization and present on Wednesday


Day 6: Wednesday, October 8, 2014



  1. The Reading Process: 
    1. College reading= strategic reading
  2. Application of Process to Carol Dweck's "Mind-sets and Equitable Education" 
  3. Break
  4. Introduction to Paolo Freire's The "Banking" Concept of Education
    1. Before strategies
    2. During and After strategies for homework



  • Complete Reading Journal #3: download here
  • Revise your Interview and bring final copy


Day 5: Monday, October 6, 2014



  1. Interview Challenges Discussion
  2. Expository Writing and Academic Discourse
    1. Review: text-based academic discourse, expository writing
    2. Form and Function of Expository Texts
  3. Revising your Introduction to the Interview
    1. Interview Organization Handout (part I): download here
  4. Break
  5. Generating Ideas for Interview Reflection
    1. Interview Organization Handout (part II)
  6. Peer Response: 
    1. Responding to the interviews: strong lines and questions



- Read and Annotate: Introduction to They Say I Say: Moves that Matter in Academic Writing

- Read over notes from peer response as well as your own notes on Interview Organization and Revise your interview (Introduction and Transcription)

  • Be sure to write your Reflection based on peer comments and your own notes (Part 2 of handout)

- Bring 2 copies of your interview (introduction, transcription, reflection) 



Day 4: Wednesday, October 1, 2014



  1. Review Interview Handout
  2. Your Passion Moment: Share out your writing!
  3. Generate Concepts: based on your passion moment readings, what are the concepts that were most relevant to your own experiences/ 
  4. Break
  5. Developing strong and thoughtful questions
    1. Considering Skye's primary source: Jeff Duncan Andrade
  6. Share out your interviewee choices: small group, then class discussion 



- Record/transcribe interview questions and responses

- After you transcribe the interview, list 3 concepts that are relevant to the interviewee responses




Day 3: Monday, September 29, 2014



  1. Check in
  2. What is Argument? 
    1. Text-based academic discourse
    2. Evidence in Argument
  3. Group Analysis:
    1. Primary and Secondary Sources
    2. Stakeholders in Argument
  4. Writing Project #1: Interview someone



- Complete Reading Journal #2

- Write your Rationale



Day 2: Wednesday, September 24, 2014



  1. Syllabus Review:
    1. Important aspects
    2. Questions
    3. Concerns
  2. Journal Write: Rate your Understanding of Recycling the Gift
    1. 1-5, 5 being the strongest understanding: what do you rate yourself? Why? What questions do you have about the film? 
    2. Pair-Share
  3. Homework Reading Discussion:  
    1. Example: Divergent Thinking
    2. Small Group Work
  4. Group Presentations and Discussion
  5. Journal Write: Rater your Understanding of Recycling the Gift 
  6. Review Homework: Writing Journal #1



- Read over The Reading Process Handout and annotate

- Complete Writing Journal #1: type, double-space

- Buy all necessary materials and books for class



Day 1: Monday, September 22, 2014



  1. Brief Introduction to me and the course

  2. Community Building and Pre-Reading Activities


    Small Group Share Out- What do you predict?
  4. Passion Project #2: Recycling the Gift- Link to It Here
  5. Monitoring Your Understanding of the Text


  • Read and Highlight syllabus

  • Reading Journal #1: Complete the activities started in class (annotations)




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